New Photos Ease Concerns Of LeBron’s Weight Loss

Much has been made in recent days of LeBron James’ thinning physique. The four-time MVP has lost noticeable weight this summer as a result of his new no-carb diet, leading some to worry that LeBron’s days as a dominant physical presence are over. Those concerns were always ridiculous, but especially so given recent photos that show “in-shape” is a far more accurate description of James than “skinny.”

Here’s the original picture that sparked the relative outcry about LeBron’s weight loss.

James even poked fun at his increasingly svelte form on Instagram one day before posting the photos above, sharing an image of his head on a teenage Wilt Chamberlain’s body.

Between this diet and @djstephfloss had me like this earlier today #RunningWithTheWinners TO edition. Hahaha! #RWTW #CrossCountry #ItsALifeStyle #StriveForGreatness

Make no mistake, though – James is losing weight but he’s hardly wasting away. It might just be that LeBron has never been this fit. Check out his two most recent photos on Instagram.

That’s not exactly a guy in danger of losing significant strength. Cutting excess pounds is never a bad thing for an aging player, and the mileage on LeBron’s odometer belies the fact that he won’t turn 30 years-old until December. The aspects of James’ still-unmatched athleticism that have waned in recent years are quickness and leaping ability, too. Shedding weight will help ensure small declines in both areas won’t suddenly become precipitous.

The folks at The Big Lead compared LeBron’s past physiques to today’s. Though it never seemed like it save for perhaps the beginning of last season, there’s an argument to be made gleaned from the pics below that James has sometimes carried more weight than necessary.

Let’s just say we’re unconcerned by the effects of LeBron’s new diet. The King seems more committed than ever, a sobering thought for the rest of the league given his notorious dedication to training.

Here’s hoping that attitude manifests on the floor and we see a James that’s better than ever in his first season back with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

*Note: An earlier version of this post incorrectly identified the source of the photographic comparison. Apologies to The Big Lead.

What do you think of LeBron’s weight loss?

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