A Nike Store In Seattle Got Completely Destroyed By Black Friday Shoppers

For some reason, no phrase brings out the worst in people quite like “Black Friday shopping.” The second someone gets the opportunity to save money on a potential gift, said person becomes hyper-aggressive and will fight another human being in an attempt to get the best deal possible. It’s absurd, and every once in a while, a store gets destroyed because of greedy shoppers.

An example of this happened over the weekend in Seattle, when a bunch of people tore up a Nike store on Black Friday. According to SB Nation, 20,000 people made their way through the store and caused it to look like a total mess.


Buzzfeed reached out to one shopper who recorded a video of the store after it was ripped apart and said that he had to save a woman from “drowning in a sea of orange boxes.” As he told Buzzfeed, “I thought there was an earthquake that happened.”

Wanting sneakers is obviously fine, but doing it in a way that destroys a store, makes the lives of employees exponentially more difficult, and causes other shoppers serious headaches is never cool. Hopefully no one got hurt in what was certainly a chaotic scene, and hopefully all of the employees who are tasked with cleaning this up get paid overtime.

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