Nikola Jokic Confirmed He’s A Big DJ Burns Fan: ‘He’s Amazing’

DJ Burns has taken the basketball world by storm, as the big man from NC State has captured the hearts of fans around the country during the Wolfpack’s unbelievable run to the Final Four.

On Sunday, Burns put forth his most impressive performance to date, scoring 29 points to lead all scorers and beat rival Duke to punch NC State’s ticket to Glendale. His ability to control the game has been sensational, as he orchestrates the Wolfpack’s offense when he’s on the floor, as they run almost everything through the big fella. The Blue Devils looked to turn him into a scorer, rather than a facilitator, and he obliged by putting Duke’s bigs in the blender, hitting them with dropsteps, turnarounds, teardrops, and more.

There aren’t many comps for Burns, as his combination of size and skill is incredibly unique, but one player he shares some similarities to is Nikola Jokic in the way NC State runs the offense through him as their lead playmaker. On Sunday, the Nuggets lit up the Cavaliers in Denver and Jokic was a bit tardy for his press conference because he was too busy marveling at Burns’ second-half performance against Duke.

Once Jokic arrived at the podium, he had some high praise for Burns, saying he’s “amazing” and talking about how much he loves his game.

It makes sense that Jokic would love watching Burns play, given there’s some of Jokic’s game in Burns’ skillset, and you can tell the thing that stands out most to Jokic is the way the rest of the NC State team seems to feed off of the big man.