Denver’s Nikola Jokic Horrifically Flopped On This Play And Pantsed His Teammate In The Process

While neither the Spain-France quarterfinal matchup, or the USA-Argentina game, where it got a little dusty, gave us any sort of competitive basketball, the late game between Serbia and Croatia came down to the wire. Serbia ended up advancing to Friday’s Semifinal against Australia with an 86-83 win, but it wasn’t easy.

Brooklyn’s Bojan Bogdanović scored a team-high 18 after going 3-of-4 from downtown and 7-for-11 overall for Croatia, but it wasn’t enough to overcome Serbia’s Bogdan Bogdanović (we know it’s confusing, Bogdan — not Bojan — plays in the Turkish Basketball Super League for Fenerbahçe) who scored a game-high 28 points in the win.

Except, none of that is really that important, unless you live in Serbia or Croatia or you’re jonesing hard for basketball action (that’s us). No, what’s important is that the Denver Nuggets’ Nikola Jokic attempted to flop after getting entangled with Croatia’s Dario Saric. The embellished reaction from Jokic also led him to ripping the shorts down on his teammate, Miloš Teodosić.

The flop isn’t that bad because Dario (#GoSixers) really does use both hands to push him, but Jokic’s cascading fall accidentally showed the world watching on TV what his teammate Teodosić was rocking under his shorts.