Ohio State Coach Says LeBron James’ 9-Year-Old Son “Will Be” On His Radar

Recruiting seems to be targeting increasingly younger kids, and the joke college coaches will be scouting kindgarten games soon isn’t that far off from reality, it seems. Never is this more apparent then when Ohio State coach Thad Matta admitted 9-year-old LeBron James, Jr.., son of LeBron James, “will be” on his radar.

By way of Ohio State beat writer Eric Steger, comes the uncomfortable news:

LeBron’s joked about his younger son, Bronny, getting a Nike deal, but that was in jest:

LeBron James, Jr. is a pretty decent baller if recent YouTube footage from AAU Nationals is any indication:

LeBron is certainly proud of his oldest progeny:

But where does it end? We know it’s LeBron James, and his son does look good on the court, but he’s freakin’ nine years old! LeBron James Jr. won’t be graduating high school until around 2022 or 2023. We’re not even sure Thad Matta will still be around to coach the Buckeyes then. Maybe that’s a good thing.

Fair or foul to recruit a nine-year-old?

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