Patrick Mahomes Put ‘Adidas’ Tape On His Under Armour Texas Tech Shirt


Texas Tech made its first Final Four in school history this year, and were able to get past Michigan State in the semifinals on Saturday to reach the national championship game against Virginia.

The Red Raider faithful, unsurprisingly, swarmed to Minneapolis for the opportunity to see some school history, and that includes the school’s most famous current athlete alum, Patrick Mahomes. The reigning NFL MVP made the pilgrimage to Minnesota to cheer on his beloved Red Raiders, but he did find a minor issue that he had to fix in supporting the team.

Mahomes is an adidas athlete and the brand with three stripes pays him very handsomely to wear their gear. Texas Tech is sponsored by Under Armour, so it’s not possible for him to get adidas Red Raiders gear, but Mahomes is an industrious young lad and came up with a solution: masking tape and sharpie.

Typically we see fans wearing sports gear with something written in sharpie to cover up the name or number of a departed player, such as Nationals fans with Bryce Harper jerseys this year. However, in this case, it’s a way for Mahomes to represent for his alma mater without getting in trouble with the folks that cut his checks. This is just another example of Mahomes thinking quick on his feet and having good problem solving skills.