Lakers Fans Tried to Lure Paul George With An In-Game Chorus Of ‘We Want Paul’

02.09.18 2 years ago

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While the Los Angeles Lakers didn’t win an activity battle against the Cleveland Cavaliers for the weirdest trade deadline performance, the team did pull off an important move that potentially sets the stage for the future.
Magic Johnson and company flipped
Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr. to Cleveland for Isaiah Thomas and Channing Frye, laying the groundwork for two max contract slots in July and sending the whispers about free agent pursuits to even a higher level.

The headliner between now and July will be LA’s pursuit of LeBron James but, on Thursday evening, fans of the franchise reminded anyone singularly focused on James that Paul George is also a significant draw in that particular market. George hails from the area (including a college basketball stint at Fresno State) and, in the midst of a home blowout win against the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Staples Center crowd showered him with chants of “We Want Paul” for all to hear.

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