Report: Clippers, Others Call Paul Pierce

It didn’t seem right to watch Paul Pierce walk to the bench last season and not see Doc Rivers there beside him. According to a report by ESPN’s Marc Stein, Rivers and the Los Angeles Clippers didn’t think so, either.


Pierce makes perfect sense for the Clippers. Though best suited as an ancillary piece in his career’s twilight, Pierce is still a gifted, canny scorer and can capably check the opposition’s top wing for small stretches, too. He’d go a long way towards shoring up two of Los Angeles’ biggest weaknesses. Plus, there’s the obvious sentimental and strategic connection with Rivers.

It won’t be easy for the Clips to sign Pierce, though. Stein reports that teams are lining up for the chance to acquire the 36 year-old future Hall-of-Famer


Personally, we’re hoping for a Pierce-Rivers reunion in Los Angeles. Not only does Pierce deserve to finish his career with the coach who was so instrumental to his success, but the Clippers are the closest to title-contention of the listed teams. He’d have to take a discount to sign with Los Angeles, but Pierce is at the point in his career where winning trumps all else. Plus, he was raised in nearby Inglewood.

Only if Kevin Garnett could come aboard, too. We can dream, can’t we?

Would Pierce be a good fit in Los Angeles?

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