Paul Pierce Tried To Jab Back At Jalen Rose’s ‘Petty’ Comment With An 81-Point Joke That Fell Flat

01.17.18 1 year ago 4 Comments


Paul Pierce will have his jersey retired by the Celtics on Feb. 11 as Boston hosts the Cleveland Cavaliers. It’s a huge night for Pierce, as he joins the list of Celtics’ legends to see their number put into the rafters of the Garden.

Feb. 11 will also be the first time Isaiah Thomas plays in Boston since being traded to the Cavs, as he sat out their first meeting due to restrictions on back-to-backs after returning the game prior from his hip injury. Thomas originally asked the Celtics to delay his planned tribute video for when he actually played against them and Boston obliged, but Pierce wasn’t too keen on the idea.

Since then, it’s been a whole ordeal with Thomas and the Celtics both deciding to give Pierce what he wants, which is the night all to himself (which in some ways is understandable). However, there are people who have called Pierce selfish for the move, or as his ESPN colleague Jalen Rose said to Pierce’s face on Wednesday’s NBA Countdown show, he was being “petty.”

Pierce was not pleased with that comment, as evidenced by his face immediately after Rose said those words to him on live television.

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