Peyton And Eli Manning Roasted LeBron’s Poor High School Quarterback On Monday Night Football

Peyton and Eli Manning’s weekly Monday Night Football alternate broadcast (which, sadly, isn’t every week but only 10 weeks this season) continued on Week 3 with the Cowboys and Eagles. As always, they had guests come on each quarter and this week’s second quarter guest was none other than LeBron James, who they naturally did a bit of a dive into his own football career.

They talked about James getting offers to play for Dallas and Seattle during the 2011 NBA lockout and found some old high school tape of LeBron’s gigantic self dominating some poor high schoolers in Ohio. However, while watching the film Eli and Peyton couldn’t help but notice that LeBron didn’t exactly have a gunslinger back there throwing him the ball and roasted the poor guy on national television.

Imagine being that guy, enjoying Monday Night Football with your family, 20 years removed from your high school quarterbacking days only to find yourself getting absolutely shredded by two great quarterbacks and your old, now very famous, teammate.

At halftime, Peyton and Eli got an earful from their dad, Archie, who joined Eli on the couch for some critiques of their performance, as he thought the roast of that poor young man was too much.

It was a pretty great moment in an interview that was, at times, a little choppy, but did feature LeBron successfully Romo’ing the playcall for a Cowboys touchdown towards the end of his appearance.