Pony City Wings: Bringing Back The Spud Webb Classic

The old school brand, Pony, is back with their most famous sneaker, the City Wings. The City Wings initially came onto the sneaker scene during Spud Webb‘s surprising 1986 Slam Dunk Contest win over Hawks teammate Dominique Wilkins while rocking the low-top City Wings. That performance happened 27 years ago, and Spud just turned 50, but the City Wings are back and looking just as fresh.

The new City Wings are high-tops, unlike Spud’s low-top iteration during the dunk contest. But rather than use them as an performance shoe on the playground or in the gym, the City Wings are now a more retro style, and sneaker fans will dig the history.

Available in black/red, white/black/red, and white/grey colorways, the white/grey can go with any outfit, and the black/red always looks dope. The new City Wings are like Pony itself, affordable, but with a long history that is continuing into the millennium as they transition to more basketball culture and style rather than performance.

Retailing at $80, you can find the City Wings at Concepts, Packers, UBIQ, atmos, Wish and others when they’re released on August 15th this summer.

The new City Wings are about as retro as Spud’s Slam Dunk win, and this early City Wings commercial featuring the diminutive point guard who can jump out of the gym in his low-top City Wings.

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