Reebok Outfits Legendary St. Anthony High School With The Q96

New Jersey’s esteemed St. Anthony High School might have four national championships, 27 state titles and a litany of NBA first round picks and major college talents who have gone through their program, but they also struggle to financially support the institution. In spite of their financial ills, Reebok has outfitted St. Anthony’s players with their sneakers, uniforms and practice gear for the last 17 years.

This year’s sneaker is the Reebok Q96. Originally modeled after Reebok’s iconic Question Mid, the first in Allen Iverson‘s line, the Q96 it’s a sneaker that befits such a historic and humble program.

As the legendary coach of St. Anthony’s, Bob Hurley Sr., told Complex, “We truly appreciate that [Reebok] respects this long-term relationship, and that they continue to be aware of the school that St. Anthony is: a poor inner-city school. I understand that it’s just high school.”

While the elder Hurley might refer to it as “just high school,” Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski writes in one of the best basketball books ever, The Miracle Of St. Anthony, that St. Anthony’s is “the most improbable dynasty in basketball.”

If you’d like to donate to St. Anthony’s click here and follow the prompts.

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