Referee Joey Crawford Almost Ejected A Ball Boy

The NBA’s second-oldest referee, 62-year-old Joey Crawford, has always been quick with a whistle. Whether he’s tossing Tim Duncan for laughing at him from San Antonio’s bench, or calling a sixth foul on LeBron James in a playoff game, Crawford won’t hesitate to send a player back to the locker-room. Even ball boys aren’t safe from the wrath of Joey.

Towards the end of the third quarter in the double overtime Cavs-Sixers game Kyrie Irving finally won for the Cavs on Saturday night, Crawford went off on a ball boy for failing to mop up the court in a thorough manner. You can hear the commentators laughing about the whole thing after Crawford takes time away from the game to chastise the ball boy for his initial efforts with a mop. then Crawford calls over a second ball boy to get down on his hands and knees with some towels.

While it’s important to keep the floor clear of any sweat, beer, water or any other fluid to avoid tripping up the players, we’re not sure it required this reaction from Crawford. The man sure loves to blow that whistle, even if it’s a poor Sixers employee he’s calling out.

[h/t EOB]

What do you think of Crawford almost tossing the ball boy?

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