Report: Chauncey Billups Out in New York, May Sign with the Miami Heat

12.08.11 7 years ago 26 Comments

Someone has to pay for Tyson Chandler, right? It looks like that someone in New York will be Chauncey Billups. With the Knicks apparently very close to signing Chandler, they need money for the deal with the Tyson, while still setting themselves up for a Chris Paul move [click here for what that might look like].

That leaves Mr. Billups to be either traded or waived as a victim of the Knicks’ Amnesty Clause. While Chauncey is reportedly not the least bit happy about today’s developments, it might end up working out for him in Miami.

SI’s Chris Mannix tweeted this a little while ago:

With Tyson Chandler on the verge of signing w/NY, Miami is looking into ways of acquiring Chauncey Billups, league sources tell SI.

And why wouldn’t Miami do everything they can to acquire Billups? He would be an ideal addition to an already bolstered roster, greatly boosting their point guard situation.

If you watched Billups at all last season, you probably agree that he’s slowing down rapidly. In Miami though, with that lineup, they really just need someone to run the offense at a high level, knock down occasional big shots, not turn the ball over, and play defense.

Plus, having the Billups and Battier uber-professionals in the locker room/on the floor would be a tremendous addition for the Heat.

If that all comes together, the next question would be: What does the Miami Heat lineup look like? Assuming some of the rumors about them signing Eddy Curry are correct, you’d be looking at lineup options of Billups/Dwyane Wade/LeBron James/Chris Bosh and/or Udonis Haslem/Eddy Curry, with Battier off the bench. Or they could go small and run with Billups/Wade/LeBron/Battier/Bosh.

Lots of stuff needs to come together to get to those decisions, but it seems like we’re well on the way.

If the Heat add Chauncey Billups, are they clear championship favorites?

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