Report: Dirk Nowitzki Worked On Speeding Up Shot Release This Summer

09.22.14 5 years ago

Holger Geschwinder has become something to close a mythical figure for his role in helping German countryman Dirk Nowitzki reach NBA superstardom. Dirk’s famed mentor and shot doctor, Geschwinder works with Nowitzki every summer before the coming season to add to his pupil’s “toolbox.” The focus this time around? Speeding up Nowitzki’s unblockable shot release.

This fun, potentially devastating tidbit is courtesy of ESPN Dallas’ Tim MacMahon.

“We worked on a quicker release,” Geschwindner said, citing Golden State’s Steph Curry as the standard-setter for getting shots off rapid-fire and insisting that Nowitzki also can become adept at getting the ball to the release point faster “if he sticks with it…”

Said Nowitzki: “What else can I do at 36 when the feet slow down a little bit? Try to be even quicker with the shot, because once you get older, you don’t jump as high and the first step is slower. Shooting quicker should help my game for the back end of my career. And if it doesn’t work [out well], I’ll just go back to the old way.”

Beware, NBA defenders. Below is Nowitzki’s shot-chart from his brilliant 2013-2014 season, a beauty achieved with his “normal” release:

Now imagine what Dirk’s chart would look like if he made his release this quick without any drop-off in accuracy:


Whether or not Nowitzki actually implements this subtle change in 2014-2015, that he’s attempting to speaks volumes of his work ethic. You don’t become a shooter like Dirk without putting in tireless practice hours, and the aim of his latest summer session with Geschwinder is further confirmation of that fact.

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