Report: Rockets Inch Closer In Their Plan To Offer Dwight Howard A Max Contract

This summer, the Rockets represent the biggest threat, and perhaps the only one, to steal Dwight Howard away from the Lakers and Los Angeles. No matter what Metta World Peace says, Houston has a plan in place that they feel will bring them a second superstar to team with James Harden.

We know they had designs on moving former lottery pick Thomas Robinson to free up more cap space, but now, according to ESPN’s Marc Stein, they’ve finally gotten some bites on that bait.

Stein tweeted earlier today that the Rockets have been offered a first-round pick for Robinson, himself a No. 5 selection last summer. From there, Houston would be expected to take an international talent to stash overseas for the year and avoid the cap hit. Basically, they’d be freeing up an extra $3.5 million that was owed to Robinson without adding anything in return. According to Stein, they have interest in Giannis Adetokunbo, Rudy Gobert, Sergey Karasev and Dennis Schroeder.

Where will Howard play next year?

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