See How Ricky Rubio Shades Rudy Gobert After France’s Loss To Spain

This summer Ricky Rubio has focused on getting completely healthy for the beginning of the NBA season, which kept him out of this summer’s EuroBasket Tournament. But that doesn’t mean the pass-first Timberwolves point guard wasn’t paying attention to his fellow countryman’s impressive run to the EuroBasket Final. In fact, Rubio wasn’t just tuning in to the game itself, but actively participating in the aftermath as well. Here he is complimenting and critiquing the sportsmanship of Nicolas Batum and Rudy Gobert, two French teammates with disparate responses to their semifinal loss against Spain today.

Batum was the momentary hero for France, nailing a game-tying three to send the contest into overtime just as it seemed like Spain would win it in regulation. Gobert was miffed because he fouled out of the game towards the end, when France really could have used his shot-blocking presence in the interior to stop Pau Gasol (whom is very likely the “somebody” Gobert is referring to in his tweet).

However, it’s a tad ironic Rubio calls Batum a “class act,” given that the new Hornets wing obscenely punched Rubio’s Spanish teammate, Juan Carlos Navarro, in the nuts, quite hard, during the 2012 Olympics.

Maybe that’s all water under the bridge, or Rubio forgot, or maybe he just chose not to remember and used Batum’s fairly generic congratulatory tweet to shame Gobert.

(Ricky Rubio)