Rookie K.J. McDaniels’ Mom On Sixers: “Yes They Are Tanking F**king Over My Son”

The Philadelphia 76ers are 0-11 to start the season and it’s getting so bad some people think a dominant college program could beat them in a seven-game series (they can’t). Second round pick (No. 32 overall) K.J. McDaniels has been along for Philly’s awful opening ride in his first experience as an NBA player. But things might be getting a whole lot worse for the rook after his mom took to Twitter last night without a filter to lament her son’s lost season.

Liberty Ballers blogger Michael Levin exchanged pleasantries with a woman claiming to be K.J. McDaniels’ mom (it’s not a verified account, but some digging reveals it’s her) and she was pretty upset about her son getting drafted by a Sixers team still eager for their first win of the season as we approach Thanksgiving:


Then she left, which left Michael feeling pretty crummy.

We’re guessing she is giving the social media platform a break at the behest of her son. Losing is never fun, especially when you’re just entering the NBA — though he’s lucky he’s got a one-year deal (non-guaranteed). But his mom’s honest reaction on Twitter only compounds the problem by creating a distraction her son will now have to answer questions about.

Listen, we love the Clemson alum. He’s shooting 46.7 percent from the floor and 38.7 percent from deep. Plus, the 6-6 shooting guard has unleashed a pair of epic blocks already this season (we’re a sucker for rookies who play defense with abandon) and given Moe Harkless a facial.

The Sixers stink, but as a second round pick, at least McDaniels is playing over 22 minutes a night to show his stuff. We doubt he’d be given that opportunity elsewhere. Still, we partially agree with his mom, we just wish she’d express her frustrations privately to spare her son any more embarrassment. It’s tough enough to be an NBA rookie without outside distractions augmenting the difficulty of the transition.

Cool move by KJ’s mom, or not cool?

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