This Russell Westbrook Promo Will Get You Jacked For His 2015-16 Season

“I can’t wait to blow on you, I can’t wait to blow on you, I can’t wait to blow on you, I can’t to blow.” The chorus to “B.L.O.W” by Tory Lanez (Daystar Peterson) acts as a refrain to Russell Westbrook’s mission next season and also the soundtrack to this promo. We’re speculating here, but Russ missed the playoffs this past season for the first time since he was a rookie. So it’s not exactly a stretch if he wants to blow up on his doubters.

Westbrook’s vengeful temperament comes after his string of triple-doubles and scoring outbursts in the second half of last season had his former UCLA teammate, Kevin Love, in hot water for proclaiming Russ the MVP despite being teammates with ‘Bron. Eventually the one-man OKC show wasn’t enough and the Thunder were knocked out of the playoffs on the final night of the season.

Russ haterz point to OKC’s playoff whiff and Kevin Durant’s absence as evidence Russ can’t act as the team leader despite the extraterrestrial skills he exhibits on the NBA hardwood. There’s a reason he’s a gun-holstering video game character come to life, but his game can also remind some fans of the guy at the bar who isn’t gonna move when you’re trying to get through to order a freakin’ drink. He doesn’t waver as you try to nudge past him, and laughs if you put up a stink.

Spliced within the promo mix is Bill Simmons saying towards the end of last season that he doesn’t think it’s KD’s team anymore. We’re not sure Russ has usurped the 2014 NBA MVP, but if you’re gonna watch a promo for the Why Not fashion maven, you want one that gives you an itch to slam a basketball through the hoop, or your fist through the wall.

This mix has that juice, and now we need some spackle.

(H/T reddit)