Watch Russell Westbrook Prove How Much He Still Loves Taylor Swift


We are all fully aware by this point that Russell Westbrook is one of the biggest Taylor Swift fans out there. He posted a video of himself rocking to “Bad Blood” back in May, and T-Sweezy went so far as to shout him out. So it should come as no surprise that Westbrook is celebrating the offseason in an appropriate manner, going to see Swift on her tour.

Russ picked a good show to see, too, as the pop goddess brought out both Beck and St. Vincent on Tuesday night.

Back when we profiled Westbrook during his ‘NBA Live 16’ cover shoot, we asked him about his love of Swift (and other pop music).

“I like all types of music,” Westbrook said. “I like Taylor Swift and Meghan Trainor. I like Drake and Lil Wayne. It mixes for me. It gives me a good balance to have a good mix of music.” When asked about the shoutout on Twitter from none other than Swift herself, Russ said, “That was a great thing. I didn’t expect it at all. But it was a good thing. She has great music. I’m a big, huge fan of hers and what she brings to the music world. I was grateful to see that.”

Let’s hope Russ continues to share his love for Tay-Tay, perhaps following her elsewhere as she tours to support 1989.