Here Are The Free Agents The Kings Should Use Their Money On But Probably Won’t

07.03.15 4 years ago
Vivek Ranadive, George Karl

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The Kings offered more money to Monta Ellis and Wesley Matthews, but both spurned them for better basketball situations in Indiana and Dallas, respectively. This after the Kings *successfully* opened up some cap room with a salary dump to Philly that might be the coup de grace of the Vlade Divac’s future as a general manager in the NBA.

That’s because the Kings could have used the stretch provision on either Carl Landry or Jason Thompson and opened up enough room for their unsuccessful bids to acquire Monta or Wes. And it wouldn’t have cost them picks.

But, many are unsure about whether Vlade, or Vivek, or any of the current Kings braintrust is even aware of the stretch provision. How else can you explain giving the Sixers those players, plus the picks?

Regardless of how they got here, the Kings now have a surfeit of space under the cap they didn’t have earlier. So, who should they spend that money on? We can all crack wise about them going after Rajon Rondo, but they’re really going to try and sign him, even if no one else in the NBA will after his half-season in Dallas. But, what’s that, now they might do Brooklyn a solid and take Deron Williams and his $21 million plus owed next season off their hands?

Or perhaps 28-year-old defense-averse Sixth Man of the Year, Lou Williams? Or 29-year-old “the Pistons are paying me millions so I won’t play for them” Josh Smith? Yup, the Kings are looking at them, too:

So, rather than pooh-pooh their pu-pu platter of names that looked a lot sexier when current decision-maker Vlade Divac was still playing in 2009, we’ll give them a primer on some available free agents they should vet before they likely waste that money they so stupidly freed up in the first place.

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