The Sacramento Kings Have Unveiled Their Excellent New Uniforms In Full

Yesterday, images of the Sacramento Kings’ redesigned uniforms from the NBA 2K store found their way online, and they looked pretty promising. Now, the team has officially unveiled the full collection by way of an interactive virtual-reality video, which you can check out above.

There are four new uniforms: the white home jersey that leaked Tuesday and similar purple and black versions (the latter of which is officially called the “Global” uniform), along with a “City” jersey that’s similar to the regular purple away jersey but with black “SAC” lettering instead of white “KINGS.”

Here are all four of the new uniforms in full, along with the powder-blue ’80s throwbacks the team has worn in the past, which are staying in the rotation:

The Kings explained that the new uniforms are a blend of the future and the past:

At the center of the home, away and city jerseys, the team’s new crown serves as a reminder of the foundation of the team. The city jersey proudly features Sacramento’s oft-referenced acronym – SAC – in bold granite lettering, representing the organization’s deep connection to its city. The clean, tri-colored side stripes on the shorts – inspired by the Kansas City-era Kings – are tapered for a modern look. At the base of the shorts for all three uniforms, the city logo serves as a reminder that when you root for the Kings, you root for Sacramento.

Overall, it’s a strong redesign to go with a new set of logos and a new arena opening this fall — and hopefully newfound relevance for a franchise that’s had more than its share of turmoil over the past decade.

DeMarcus Cousins likes them too, which is maybe the most important thing of all.