Shaq Accidentally Blurted Out Stevie Wonder’s Address On ‘Inside The NBA’

There is a famous Stevie Wonder story that Shaquille O’Neal told on Inside the NBA once. Basically, one time, Shaq and Stevie used to live in the same building, and as Shaq was trying to go inside, Stevie was leaving. I cannot tell the story as well as Shaq does, so here is the video, which includes Kenny Smith losing his mind because this is an incredibly good story.

The story is great, in large part because this is probably the best example we’ve ever seen of Kenny getting excited and making something way better as a result. Anyway, fast forward to Tuesday night in the aftermath of Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics, and this story came up once again. The catch: Shaq accidentally revealed the address where this all went down.

Charles Barkley said that he didn’t believe Shaq’s story, to which Shaq demanded Stevie tweet at him and confirm the story. He then got a little too riled up trying to prove this one and gave away Stevie’s address on television.

It is my sincere hope that, in the time between Shaq and Stevie’s run-in happened and Tuesday night, Stevie moved somewhere else.