Shaq Kept Trying To Convince Charles Barkley He Should Hashtag OnlyFans On Every Post On His New IG Account

Every now and then, the Inside the NBA guys try to get one another in trouble, and by that, I mean that Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley try to get one another in trouble. For example, on Thursday night, Shaq tried to take advantage of the fact that Chuck is now on Instagram and has no clue how any of it works.

Barkley has long been anti-social media, saying that he’d never join any of it. But recently, the Round Mound of Rebound decided that he should get onto IG for business purposes, and as such, he’s now got an account. Shaq, of course, has a much better grasp of how this all works, and during a conversation about Barkley’s new endeavor, he tried to get him to put #OnlyFans onto everything he posts.

Kenny Smith and Adam Lefkoe both clearly knew that this was a terrible idea, but in a legitimately fun moment, Barkley made clear that he had absolutely zero clue what Shaq was talking about.

“Only fans of mine?” Barkley asked, completely oblivious to what the hell was going on, while everyone on set lost it. And the best part is this was not the last time that, basically, this exact exchange happened, as Shaq tried to get him to do this again.

“Remember, every time you send a message, hashtag OnlyFans,” Shaq said.

“So that’s only for your fans?” Barkley asked.

“Yes, it is — Kenny, leave him alone,” Shaq said as Smith was trying to stop doing this. “OnlyFans.”

Based on everything I know about these two, Barkley is going to realize that there is a reason Shaq won’t let this go, and as a result, he won’t do this. However, he clearly has no clue what he is doing, so here’s hoping he employs a social media person to keep him from getting in any trouble.