Shaq And Kobe Reunited For An Absurdly Funny ‘NBA 2K18’ Commercial

The Shaq vs. Kobe feud reached mythical status over the years, but they’ve thankfully buried the hatchet. On the court, they were one of the best and most successful duos in league history. Off the court, they’re both likewise two of the most marketable personalities in all of professional sports.

Now they’re teaming back up again, only this time to promote the new NBA 2K18 Legend Edition. Check out their hilarious new commercial spot for it below.

NBA 2K fans have the option of purchasing the Legend Edition, which features 20 Weekly My Team Packs, Shaq Attaq shoes, his jerseys and apparel, a championship ring, Shaq My Team stickers, five Shaq trading cards and a Shaq poster; or the Legend Edition Gold, which comes with 20 additional My Team Packs, Shaq’s jersey collection, five additional Shaq trading cards, and more.

The Big Diesel was one of the most dominant players of his or any era, so it only makes sense that he’d team up with NBA 2K for their new Legend Edition. It’s also just great to see he and Kobe getting along so well these days, given their long and acrimonious history.