Spencer Dinwiddie ‘Feels Like Steph’ When He Hits A Couple Threes In A Row

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The Brooklyn Nets have been miserable in close games to start this season, but on Wednesday they picked up their third straight win and appear to maybe be snapping out of their late-game funk in clutch situations.

The Nets beat the red-hot Sixers in a 127-124 shootout on Wednesday at home, where the final score isn’t indicative of how they controlled the game for most of the second half. Once again, it was Spencer Dinwiddie who provided Brooklyn with the big spark off the bench, dropping 39 on Philadelphia on an 11-of-18 shooting night (along with 13-of-14 from the free throw line).

Dinwiddie also hit 4-of-6 three-pointers on the evening, which is a very efficient night for a 35.6 percent shooter entering the game. Afterwords, Dinwiddie, who is always a great quote, explained that when he hits sees a couple three-pointers go in in a row he starts to feel like Steph Curry.

Players love to talk about being in a zone, and for Dinwiddie, he imagines that zone is what Curry feels like all the time. He’s probably right, as Curry is the greatest three-point shooter of all-time. That isn’t something most players can relate too, but for Dinwiddie, when a couple deep buckets fall he starts to get that Steph swagger to his game.