Even Bulls Commentator Stacey King Was Getting Annoyed With This Loud Bulls Fan

How many times has this happened? You’re watching a game on TV and there’s one fan near a microphone who just won’t shut up? It could be a man, a woman or a child, and all you want is for them to give you 30 seconds of silence so you can enjoy the game in peace.

Well, Bulls commentator Stacey King is here for you.

While he was reading a promo during Sunday night’s Bulls-Bucks game in Milwaukee, a woman was screaming about how much she loved the Bulls, as is her right as a ticket-purchasing customer. But Stacey had reached his breaking point.

“This lady behind me is a true fan, I’ll give her that, but she is quite annoying. I mean, she has been yelling in my mic the whole night. She is a true Bulls fan, we love ya, but you might as well give her a headset.”

Then there’s uncomfortable laughter from the play-by-play guy Neil Funk, who doesn’t want to be part of calling a Bulls fan annoying, because heaven forbid anyone say anything interesting during a sports broadcast. Good for Stacey, as he spoke for anyone watching that game.

The Bulls won the game, 102-98, and are two games back of the Pistons for the final playoff spot in the East.