Kevin Durant Reached For The Clouds To Throw Down This Alley-Oop Jam From Steph Curry

11.18.16 1 year ago

The Warriors are just unfair sometimes, especially when Kevin Durant is locked in defensively and using those go-go-gadget arms of his to come up with the steal, then finish off the alley-oop from Steph Curry by reaching for the rafters.

As if that sort of thing wasn’t demoralizing enough for their opponents, Golden State followed it up on the very next possession by coming up with yet another steal, then putting the punctuation mark on it with a Curry three-pointer. It’s just these types of five-point sequences when the Warriors suddenly push the lead to more than 20 almost out of nowhere.

The Celtics have significant ground to make up with they want to work their way back into this one.

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