Steph Curry Pretended To Poop On Cleveland’s Floor During Game 3, And Boy Are The Cavs Mad

06.09.17 9 months ago 15 Comments


Stephen Curry says he doesn’t remember his poop pantomime on the Cleveland Cavaliers floor in Game 3 of the NBA Finals, but the Cavs are mad about it anyway. Lost in Kevin Durant‘s go-ahead three with less than a minute to play was the reaction Curry gave the shot: he squatted deep down for a full second or so while the rest of the players got into position for the next possession.

Many speculated that he was pretending to relieve himself on the floor, a sign of disrespect for the Cavs in the biggest moment of the postseason. He was even asked about by the media afterwards.

Here’s a video of Durant’s three. Watch the near side where Curry pops a squat after the shot.

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