Steph Curry Tells Craig Sager He’s An Inspiration To Everyone In A Postgame Interview

The Warriors wrapped up their 67th victory of the season Tuesday night, placing them within five wins of the record-setting 1995-96 Bulls, who finished 72-10. It’s looking more and more like the 67-7 Warriors will surpass that all-time record — as long as they stay on the floor.

Naturally, Turner Sports’ Craig Sager, who recently announced that his previously diagnosed leukemia was no longer in remission, asked Stephen Curry about just that during the star’s postgame interview. Is Curry tired? Could he use a rest?

The answer was sweet as ever:

Seeing you and doing what you’re doing, we’ve got no excuses. You’re an inspiration for us to just keep doing what we’re doing, keep fighting, and that’s the mentality we have. And it’s kind of contagious.

The whole time, Sager doesn’t miss a beat. He immediately goes into the next question.

Sager told HBO Sports last week that doctors explained to him that someone in his condition would typically only have three-to-six months to live. He later clarified that such a timeframe would be for a patient who was not receiving treatment. The colorful sideline reporter is hardly giving up just yet, though:

Sager is next scheduled to work the Bulls-Rockets game on TNT on Thursday.

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