Steph Curry Showed Off His Crazy Handles And Quick Trigger On This Three Against New Orleans

Associate Editor

Everyone knows that Steph Curry is one of the best shooters to ever live. Heck, he may be the best shooter in league history. But more impressive than that is his ability to go from breaking dudes down off the dribble to pulling up for a jumper from downtown like it’s nothing.

This skill was put on display during Golden State’s game against New Orleans on Monday night. Curry split through two Pelican defenders without ever coming close to losing possession of the ball, then hoisted a jumper the second he got an inch of space and nailed a three. This is so incredibly hard, but Curry made it look like it was the easiest thing on earth.

Curry goes from dribbling to shooting faster than anyone in league history. Well, there are probably other dudes who can do it faster, but they wouldn’t be any good at it. Curry, meanwhile, has managed to master this. It’s insane, and it will never stop being impressive.

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