Steph Curry’s Historic Streak Came To An End In A Loss To The Lakers

11.05.16 1 year ago

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Golden State lost to the Lakers on Friday, 117-97. That wouldn’t have been weird in, like, the early-00s, but in 2016, that’s kind of crazy. The Warriors are maybe the most talented NBA team ever, while the Lakers are very much still a work in progress.

But the Dubs got caught on the second night of a back-to-back, leading to them picking up their second loss of the year (for reference, Golden State didn’t lose its second game until Dec. 30 last year). While the loss is a big deal, it ultimately doesn’t mean too terribly much for Steve Kerr’s team going forward. It’s six games into the year, and we’ve seen superteams struggle at first before turning it on and laying waste to other teams, so there’s no reason for anyone to panic.

What is kind of a big deal is that Steph Curry‘s historic three-point shooting streak came to an end. Curry went 0-for-10 from downtown, making the first game since the 2014-15 seasons where the two-time MVP didn’t make at least one three.

Curry’s inability to hit threes led to his lowest-scoring game of the season – he scored 13 points on 5-for-17 shooting. Losing a streak is rough, but it’s also a testament to how great of a shooter Curry is that he went 157 games with at least one three pointer. (For reference, the previous record was 127 straight games with a three, which was set by Kyle Korver in March of 2014.)

It’ll probably be easy for the Warriors to shake this loss – well, maybe for everyone other than David West – but it’s going to be really hard for Curry to top this streak. Then again, it’s Steph Curry and he’s the best shooter of all-time, so anything is possible.

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