Steph Curry Says Chris Paul Has Been ‘A Great Mentor’ To Him

05.11.18 10 months ago

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It’s been almost a year in the making, and all roads have been leading to this point, i.e. a Western Conference Finals showdown between the NBA’s two best teams, the Houston Rockets and the Golden State Warriors.

Storylines abound, whether it’s the career apex of Chris Paul, who’ll make his long-awaited appearance in a conference finals series, the titanic clash of two all-time offensive juggernauts that are the embodiment of how we think of basketball in the modern era, or the chance for James Harden to find redemption after an ugly playoff meltdown last season against the Spurs.

Not to mention the matchups. Klay Thompson will have the honor of trying to slow down Harden. Trevor Ariza will likewise try do the same with Kevin Durant. And then there’s Draymond Green, who’ll do everything from battle Clint Capela in the post to chase Harden and Eric Gordon around on the perimeter.

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