Watch Steph Curry Try And Prove To These Kids That Being A Pro Isn’t Easy

12.09.15 2 years ago

It’s no secret that professional athletes are, for the most part, incredibly hard workers. Between actual games, practices, film room sessions and the seemingly endless obligations they have to attend to, most of them rarely see time off during the season. Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry has a new Kids Foot Locker commercial that shows the irony between how “easy” being a pro athlete seems, compared to how it may actually be.

The scene opens with Curry sitting in a recliner watching game film. A man brings two kids in to see Curry, and tells them that “no one works harder than this guy.” One of the young boys notices the huge television that Curry is watching game film on — he’s impressed that Steph is able to watch TV all day, but Steph says that it’s game film, which he says is like homework.

The other young boy notices a shake in Curry’s hand, and asks him if it’s a milkshake — Curry says that it is a recovery shake. He then tells the boys that just because it may look like he has it easy, it doesn’t mean it isn’t hard work.

Then right on cue, that’s when someone comes in to tell Curry that his hot tub is ready. Curry humorously justifies it by saying that film sessions make his back tight.

This commercial is part of Kids Foot Locker’s new campaign with Curry — this spot from last month had kids answer questions from Curry about their game in the same fashion that pro athletes answer questions from the media with cliché answers. This latest one from Curry was just as funny and clever as the last one, so Foot Locker should keep on doing what they’re doing with this campaign.

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