Carmax’s New Ad With Stephen Curry And Sue Bird Is Sensational

Carmax’s partnership with Stephen Curry has seen their ads pop up during NBA broadcasts all season, with the star poking fun at himself a bit as he deals with oblivious Carmax agents who don’t know who he is. His latest spot with the company went viral on Sunday because of the second basketball legend it stars, as Sue Bird makes an appearance, buying a car from a delighted rep who Curry thinks is confusing the number of championships he’s won.

It’s not often that we see NBA and WNBA stars in the same commercial, and for them to flip it around to where Bird is the recognized one while Steph thinks his accomplishments are being confused is great. Curry’s, “I mean, I’m working on it” is terrific delivery and it’s great to see a brand with partnerships with both leagues using that in the same campaign, because it raises the visibility for the WNBA by having their stars in the same spots with NBA stars. Hopefully that continues and if nothing else, it’s lovely to see Sue Bird, a future Hall of Famer and absolute legend, getting this kind of love and her rather ridiculous list of accomplishments shouted out in a national campaign.