Steph Curry Leads Warriors To Another Win And Ends Up Dabbing Like Cam Newton

02.07.16 3 years ago
stephen curry

Getty Image

Golden State Warriors supernova Steph Curry is a big fan of the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers will play in the Super Bowl on Sunday afternoon. Their quarterback, Cam Newton, was named the MVP of the NFL last night, right around when Curry and his teammates were locked up in a tight, suspenseful game against the Oklahoma City Thunder roughly 35 miles from the site of the Super Bowl.

So, perhaps as an homage to his good buddy and fellow league MVP Cam, Steph celebrated the Warriors’ win with a little dab.

Curry finished the game with 26 points, 10 assists, six rebounds, three steals and the one blink and you’ll miss it dab. His deadly three-point stroke, which was good for 11 makes that contributed to 51 points in Wednesday night’s win over the Wizards in Washington, was a little off against the Thunder, as he ended up just 1-for-8 from long distance.

But still, that dab.

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