Steph Curry’s Daughter Got An Incredible Playhouse Even Adults Would Be Lucky To Live In

There are a few perks that go along with being the daughter of the NBA’s reigning two-time MVP, namely having the opportunity to charm the entire basketball-watching world by being a little ham sandwich on national television. For two straight seasons now, Steph Curry’s precocious daughter Riley has stolen the show at every post-game press conference she’s ever attended, and now it appears she’s been rewarded with some additional airtime.

On the pilot episode of TLC’s new program Playhouse Masters, Riley and kid sister Ryan got hooked with an absolutely insane backyard pad. The multi-level, pony-themed playhouse features a ball pit with disco lighting, a faux-stable and watering trough, a slide at the top of the loft for easy access to the downstairs area, and all sorts of cowgirl-inspired amenities.

Needless to say, Riley seems pretty thrilled about it. I would be, too. After all, it’s roomier than several apartments I’ve lived in over the years. It was also an important reminder that, despite the disappointing end to the Warriors’ miraculous season, we haven’t seen the last of Riley. Not by a long shot. Her ongoing quest for world domination is still very much in its infancy but quickly gaining speed.

(h/t Deadspin)