Stephon Marbury’s New Kicks Feature Lights That Flash To Music Using A Phone App

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Stephon Marbury is still in the shoe game. The former NBA All-Star and current superstar in China has been well-known for Starburys, his line of affordable basketball sneakers. They made waves for being available for the low price of $14.98, but his newest releases aren’t quite that cheap.

There is a good reason for this, though: the new kicks are insane. Meet the Starbury Elite Lightups, which come in three colors – blue metallic, red metallic, and water – and all cost $49.98. They are insane, but in a way that leaves you captivated because you haven’t had light up shoes in decades.

These are vibrant as all hell, but as Marbury explains in the video, the kicker is that the shoes light up when synced with music played on an iPhone app.

Here are the details behind the app, according to Sports Illustrated.

The iPhone app was developed by Shenzhen-based Heaton, and it can be paired with the Starbury Elite shoes via Bluetooth. The app has controls that can switch the lights on and off and change the color. The microphone enables music from a user’s library and also voice to control how the lights flash.

The app, unsurprisingly, is called Starbury. According to one video, the app can cause the lights on the shoes to change colors, while you can also adjust the sneakers so that they are high tops or low tops.

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