Steve Kerr Defended Luke Walton’s Lakers Coaching, Saying He’s “Cut Out For This Job”

01.21.19 4 months ago


It’s unsurprising to know that Steve Kerr is pretty high on his former lead assistant, Luke Walton, and his ability to be a top head coach in the NBA. Walton has had one of the toughest jobs in the NBA this season. He’s had to navigate not only a high stress job like the Lakers, but he’s had to do so with LeBron James in town. When you have James then you have the expectations to compete for a title. Anything less is considered a failure of a season.

In Walton’s defense, the roster he’s been given to try and compete with would be one of the hardest jobs in the NBA for any coach. James is an otherworldly talent, but surrounding him are mediocre veterans and young players that still need time to grow. Especially in a crowded Western Conference. And with James out injured the Lakers have, of course, plummeted.

It’s pretty unfair to expect Walton to make the Lakers a dominant force in the league and not give him the tools to do so. That he’s gotten as much out of it as he has could be considered a plus in his coaching and that’s what Kerr has seen. He sees a coach that’s navigated one of the hardest jobs in the league and done so well.

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