Steve Kerr Explained Why He Nixed A ‘Last Dance’ Documentary For The Warriors

With ESPN’s The Last Dance dominating the conversation around sports these days, Warriors coach Steve Kerr has found himself in high demand. Not only was he a crucial member of the Bulls’ second three-peat squad, he’s been a part of two other dynasties, both as a player and a coach.

Naturally, everyone is dying to hear his perspective on a wide range of topics. Most recently, it came to light that the Warriors were approached by NBA Entertainment for a similar type of documentary coverage in what would be their final year with Kevin Durant during the 2018-19 season.

Interestingly enough, the same camer man who shot the Bulls footage, Andy Thompson, has also been covering the Warriors for years and just so happens to be Klay Thompson’s uncle. In April, Warriors’ co-owner Peter Guber explained why they opted against the documentary, citing the dangers of “hubris.”

But Kerr offered a slightly different take on this, explaining that while the Bulls knew things were coming to an end, the Warriors will still holding out hope that their dynasty might continue. Via Sam Amick of The Athletic:

“You think about our situation with the Warriors, and we didn’t have a final season,” Kerr continued. “We’re trying to keep this thing going. A lot of our players are still here, and we’re trying to rev it back up, so there was no sense of finality. If anything, we’re trying to avoid that.

“So having everybody in, inviting the world in and inviting cameras in and saying, ‘Hey, we want to capture the final days of this run,’ it’s like you’re basically telling your players that you believe this is ending, and also you’re violating a principle of the sanctity of the locker room. So it never occurred to me, nor does it now, to do anything of the sort for our team.”

It’s really shame, because the Draymond-Durant stuff would be worth the price of admission alone. Oh well. It appears that, after The Last Dance is over in a couple of weeks, we’ll just have to wait on the Kobe Bryant documentary on his final season with the Lakers, a development that is certain to keep us hankering while there appears to be no end in sight for our current quarantine.

(Via The Athletic)