Steve Nash Insists The Nets Will Not Trade James Harden

The Brooklyn Nets are in freefall right now, having lost seven straight games to slide to 29-23, just a half-game above the No. 7 seeded Raptors. Their losing streak has come with Kevin Durant sidelined with a knee sprain, Kyrie Irving still in and out of the lineup as a part-time player only playing on the road, and James Harden battling a hamstring issue that has kept him out four of the last six games (including Sunday night’s upcoming game against Denver he’s been ruled out of).

On top of injury issues, there’s apparent discontent with the current situation in Brooklyn from Harden, who reportedly isn’t thrilled with Irving’s part-time status or the fact that he is once again finding himself having to carry the bulk of the creative load on a team he figured to share the spotlight on with two other stars. That has led to growing buzz about the potential for Harden to leave the Nets this summer when he’s able to become a free agent, and even some murmurs that he could be had at the trade deadline should the 76ers, known to covet the star, offer Brooklyn a sizable trade package with Ben Simmons as the focal point.

On Sunday, prior to their game against the Nuggets, Steve Nash offered a public rebuttal to those rumors, telling reporters in his pregame availability that Harden has confirmed to Nash that he wants to be in Brooklyn, and Nash offered as firm an on the record response to trade rumors as you can get.

Now, there isn’t a world in which Nash would stand before reporters and tell them they’re going to trade Harden at this point, but it’s notable that he says this four days before the deadline, pouring cold water on Philly’s dream of nabbing the star during the season. It still feels most likely that Harden’s situation gets interesting this summer and that he, at the very least, explores his options outside of the Nets in free agency, which maybe leads to a sign-and-trade situation.

While Harden may not be on the block, the Nets do figure to be active this week in trying to upgrade the roster, both in the immediate to try and keep things afloat until Durant comes back and even for when their stars are all at full strength, as there’s serious uncertainty about Joe Harris’ availability going forward this season.