Tacko Fall Couldn’t Help But Laugh At Mike Breen Accidentally Calling Him ‘Taco Bell’

It has been a long season for everyone in the NBA, as the crazy, condensed regular season came to an end on Sunday. For Mike Breen, who pulls double duty on Knicks broadcasts for MSG and as the lead play-by-play man for ESPN’s NBA coverage, he’s called a lot of games in not a lot of days, and it’s understandable that at some point a slip-up might happen.

Breen is a pro’s pro and one of the absolute best in the business, but even he has the occasional error on a broadcast. Sometimes that’s calling the wrong player — an issue that has been exacerbated for play-by-play folks calling games remotely this year — but other times it’s a little Freudian slip, as happened in Sunday’s Celtics-Knicks game in which Tacko Fall snagged an errant save by the Knicks and Breen called him “Taco Bell.” Breen immediately recognized his error and laughed at himself, and after the game Tacko had a good laugh about it on Twitter.

It was a very funny moment in a game that got shockingly tense for the Knicks, who needed a win to take the 4-seed in the East. Boston came back from a massive second half deficit to cut the Knick lead to as few as one, but New York prevailed and will now take on the Hawks. Breen will now get a couple deserved days off before he calls ESPN’s play-in game on Wednesday night, and before then hopefully he gets that Cheesy Gordita Crunch he must be craving based off of his Tacko mishap.