USA Basketball’s 2016 Olympic Uniforms Are Here, Shiny, And Pretty Boring

Nike has unveiled a good chunk of the basketball uniforms we’ll see at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio this year, including one of the jerseys that Team USA will be wearing during the Games.

The all-white road look is a clean one, but Nike’s focus was clearly more on the technology of the uniform than the design, as there isn’t too much going on visually in these unis. The jerseys feature glossy typeface and numbering, but other than that it’s a somewhat barebones design with not much contrast.

Overall, it’s pretty underwhelming.

Here’s a description of the home uni from Nike:

On the home kit, the application includes a spectrum of blues, from obsidian to deep royal blue, with gestural lines that cascade down the jersey’s side and around the front of the shorts. Shining crimson appears on the shoulders of the jersey and trim of both the jersey and shorts to emphasize the player’s speed while iridescent fabric flashes the country name, numbering and the Swoosh.

Several other countries also had their jerseys unveiled, and they’re all very similar in structure and design. Basically, they all look the same with the exception of colors and a few tweaks. Here’s a look at a few of the other threads for comparison.

(Via Nike)