Tempers Briefly Flare Before USA Routs Serbia For The Gold Medal

While he didn’t make a move like he was about to pummel him, DeMarcus Cousins mistakenly instigated a brief kerfuffle in the third quarter in the gold medal game today. It quickly dissipated as everyone just cooled out before USA Basketball concluded their unimpeded stampede towards gold.

Here’s the play in question, where an errant — and completely unintentional — elbow by Boogie caught Nemanja Bjelica on the shoulder and instigated…well, not much. Play quickly resumed and the US cruised.

Earlier in the game, the bearded Miroslav Raduljica, who — to our uncultured American minds, looks like a particularly good Bond villain — caught Kyrie Irving with an obviously intentional elbow as Irving was coming around Raduljica’s screen. The big bearded Serb was whistled for a foul, but thankfully nobody got hurt and both teams just played basketball.

Plus, later in the game Cousins showed why we’re so proud he was part of this year’s gold-medal winning squad.

(videos via Basketball Orbit and HardwoodParoxysm09)

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