The 3 Defining Moves Of Allen Iverson

06.07.11 8 years ago 6 Comments
Allen Iverson was a revolutionary, an NBA star and a cultural icon for basketball off the court as much as he was on it. Still, what made A.I. one of the most remarkable players was his ability to score at will despite standing 6-feet tall and weighing only 165 pounds.

He made his legacy in a game fit for giants, and he did it because he possessed a handle comparable to few. Put that on top of blistering speed and a relentlessness on both ends of the floor and you’ve got The Answer.

For as many games as Iverson played in, his never-ending motor was remarkable. He never found himself too tired to play at 100 mph, and though he was often hindered by nagging injuries thanks to his fearlessness in attacking the rim, never did pain quell his desire to get up for a game.

Sure, maybe practice was a different story. Nonetheless, his effort was never questioned come game time. How was he so successful on the court? To celebrate The Answer’s birthday, here are my favorite parts of Allen Iverson’s on-court repertoire.

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