The Top 7 Places We’d Like To See An NBA Or NCAA Game Played

When I read on ESPN last Friday that the Carrier Classic between North Carolina and Michigan State was set to be played on the USS Carl Vinson on Nov. 11, what I thought was a brilliant article idea popped into my head: I would list the strangest places that NCAA and NBA games had been played. But after some research (read: Google searches), the only cool stuff I found was a Suns-Bucks game played in a baseball stadium in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1972, and a WNBA exhibition played at the Radio City Music Hall. Not too exciting.

Disappointed, I was ready to move on to another idea. But then I thought about it and decided that maybe the reason more games haven’t been played in interesting places is because David Stern and the NCAA need some ideas. So I figured I would try to help them out. With that, here’s a list of some sweet places we at the Dime office would like to see an NBA or NCAA game played.

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Rucker Park
It only seems right that the most famous streetball court in the world play host to a Knicks-Nets or St. John’s-Fordham matchup for NYC bragging rights. There might not be enough seating, but it would certainly be a crazy environment.

The Colosseum
This one might not be feasible, but you can’t tell me you wouldn’t want to see a homecoming matchup between Andrea Bargnani and the Raptors and Danilo Gallinari and the Nuggets in the same amphitheatre that once hosted gladiator fights.

The Jail Blazers may no longer be around to claim Alcatraz as their home court, but I think the Warriors should host an exhibition game on the Rock. The last prisoner left the island more than 50 years ago, but a court remains intact that is ready for Monta Ellis and Co.

The Golden Gate Bridge
Sticking with the Bay Area theme, how sweet would it be to setup a court on the Golden Gate Bridge and have Cal and Stanford duke it out? The bridge is certainly wide enough to fit a court. Sure, the wind might be a problem, but greater hurdles have been overcome.

Fenway Park
On Jan. 1, 2010, Fenway Park played host to the NHL Winter Classic between the Bruins and Philadelphia Flyers. I think it’s time that America’s Most Beloved Ballpark got in on some hoops action. Maybe the Celtics and Bulls could get a home and away series going at Fenway and Wrigley. The timing of this one could be difficult, though, as the Red Sox are in season during the only months when an outdoor game in Boston would be feasible.

Springfield College
Home to the original “Basket Ball” court, Springfield College would be the spot to host an old school basketball game. If we’re feeling adventurous, we could even nail some peach baskets to the wall. However, I don’t think they could withstand many Dwight Howard dunks.

Mount Roraima
Located on the border of Venezuela, Brazil, and Guyana, Mount Roraima is one of the world’s highest mountains in the world with a tabletop—making it the perfect place to set up a court. With an elevation of over 9,000 feet, fans that make the trek to the mountain’s top would get to witness a nice view as they enjoy the game.

Where would you like to see a basketball game played?

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