Tim Duncan Is Giving Kickboxing A Try After Retirement, Could MMA Stardom Be Next?

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Tim Duncan isn’t coming back to play basketball for the San Antonio Spurs no matter how much Greg Popovich misses the love of his life. But that doesn’t mean Duncan is just sitting around around waiting to change his water filters and marking the passage of time on a wall calendar.

In fact, he’d probably kick you in the head just for suggesting that. Video footage has emerged of Duncan doing some MMA sparing with a trainer, and it’s enough to make you marvel at his remarkable wingspan all over again. San Antonio-based kickboxing trainer Jason Echols put up a video of Duncan with a caption that asked “What happens when your training partner is 7-foot tall?”

The answer, of course, is duck and dodge as much as you can.

Seriously, those aren’t the most learned of kicks and punches, but look at the range on that guy. Like a condor wearing boxing gloves after a 19-year NBA career.

Between this training and the giant mechanical tattoo Duncan got on his back, he’s very close to having the right profile to make a jump into the MMA world and see what happens. I mean, what else is he going to do with his time? You can only read the instruction manual provided with your coffeemaker so many times, and Brita recommends you only change out filters every two months.

Give him a call, Dana.