Tim Duncan On Fashion: ‘I Don’t Do Style. I Just Show Up For Games’

02.13.15 3 years ago
Tim Duncan


New York City is currently every young professional athlete’s paradise. Not only has All-Star Weekend descended on the Big Apple, but the NBA’s main event happens to be coinciding with Fashion Week. That sound you just heard was Russell Westbrook letting out a primal yell of excitement. But not every All-Star shares the Oklahoma City Thunder superstar’s zeal for printed tops, fitted bottoms, and lensless eyewear. That often doesn’t prevent Tim Duncan’s off-court attire from being any less hideous, though, and his approach to clothing in general explains exactly why.

Asked by a reporter during today’s All-Star media scrum to assess his style, the future Hall-of-Famer did so in a wholly unsurprising manner:

Guess we won’t be seeing Timmy in the NBA’s All-Star Style Show on Saturday, then.

If clothes make the man, they certainly don’t the basketball player. Duncan dresses just like the unmarried 50-something uncle who you avoid at family holidays, but goes home to bask in the gleam of five championship rings. That’s a combination we may never see again.

And despite how poorly Duncan’s admitted lack of fashion sense is sometimes manifested, it’s certainly one we’ll miss once his career is over.

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