The Timberwolves’ Twitter Went All In For ‘Prince Night’ In Minnesota

Comedy Central

One of the best ideas the NBA has ever had is the new “City Edition” jerseys that honor some aspect of the local community, and the greatest part about it is that they’ve left it wide open to interpretation.

For a while, we thought the Miami Heat held the title with their Miami Vice-inspired uniforms from last season. They took it a step further this year with their “Vice Nights” line of apparel, which culminated in a “Midnight Madness” style event at the American Airlines Center this week.

But the Minnesota Timberwolves made an electric neon splash on Friday night at the Target Center in Minneapolis with their Prince-inspired unis, honoring the legendary musician who passed away in 2016. The T-Wolves’ colorways have a similar purple and black look to the Heat jerseys, but the real fun happened on the team’s Twitter page, where they just decided to go full bore on the Chappelle’s Show jokes throughout the entire contest.

The local MLS squad decided to get in on the fun, too.

In fairness to the organization’s social media squad, they didn’t totally reduce the man to the caricature that came out of that timeless Comedy Central sketch. There were plenty of other legit Prince references throughout the night. But Dave Chappelle’s impersonation, somehow, magically and mysteriously, just never seems to get old.

And everybody got in on the fun. Franchise legend Kevin Garnett showed up courtside rocking his Prince-themed jersey, while newly-acquired Dario Saric released this super awkward karaoke version of “When Doves Cry.”

Oh yeah, there was also a basketball game against the visiting Trailblazers, which the Wolves managed to win handily, 112-96.