Tobias Harris Joined Philadelphians In Protesting George Floyd’s Death

As is oftentimes the case when acts of gross injustice occur in the United States, NBA players have been vocal about the death of George Floyd due to the actions of a now-former Minneapolis police officer. We’ve seen plenty of members of the NBA community voice their displeasure with what was caught on video earlier this week, and many have amplified the voices of those who have spoken out about police violence against people of color and the actions of protesters in its aftermath.

Some players have taken to the streets to protest nonviolently, such as Boston Celtics guard/forward Jaylen Brown, who organized a march in Atlanta on Saturday and drove 15 hours from Boston to protest peacefully in his hometown. Brown wasn’t the only NBA player to participate in a march on Saturday, though. According to his Instagram account, Philadelphia 76ers forward Tobias Harris joined with those in the City of Brotherly Love who protested.

He also confirmed on Twitter that he took part in a protest early in the day that drew hundreds of people demanding justice and reform.

Harris has been vocal in recent days on social media about Floyd’s death, expressing his disgust over the frequency with which black Americans lose their lives at the hands of members of law enforcement.